New Hope has a well-rounded and developed Youth Department. There are numerous youth ministries events and activities that support and enhance the life and learning of young people at New Hope. The adult Teachers, Youth Stewards and Leaders are spiritually and professionally developed to infuse the Youth department with new tools, new vocabulary, and new energy that the youth of today and tomorrow can hear and identify with. They are trained in teaching and caring for the children using videos, songs, storytelling, puppetry, games, treats and object lessons.
There is a Nursery for babies also. It has rooms decorated with hand painted “children’s art”; Noah’s ark is on the walls and in the little sleeping room, and pictures of some our very own babies are on the walls as angels. New Hope men are regularly assigned to the security role of walking the halls and assuring that there are no unauthorized people in the area.


Through partnerships with parents, the pastor, and the adult ministries of the church, the New Hope Youth Department is a major source of spiritual education, guidance, counseling and support to our youth. Also providing nurturing, encouragement, and assistance in achieving life skills and interests. All while providing a venue for varied Christian fellowship (fun) for the Youth of New Hope and the community, so they may develop into responsible, loving, Christ-like adults.


  • Teen church - Takes place every 3rd and 4th Sunday for youth between the ages of 13 and 18. Teen church is headed by Sis. Sylvia Brown, Bro. Anthony Brown, Sis. Aretha Bohannan and Sis. Cynthia Parker.
  • Children’s Church - Modeled after Willie George Ministries in Oklahoma, Children’s Church is a place which offers service for infants through sixth grade. The service includes praise and worship, prayer, offering, bible memory verses, and bible lessons. The lessons are delivered in multiple ways to include dramatic stories, movies and crafts  to illustrate the lessons of the Word and provide a way to memorize the Word.
  • Youth Bible Study - Takes place every Wednesday evening at 7pm providing Bible study for teen boys and girls and young children.
  • Fifth Sunday Morning Service - Every Fifth Sunday the Youth Department is responsible for the service. All of the service oriented ministries serve including the Youth Chorale, the Junior Ushers, Junior Deacons, and a presentation from Children’s Church. The Youth minister or invited youth minister preaches the sermon.
  • Youth Watchnight - On a day prior to New Year’s Eve, the youth have an evening to have singing, prayer and testimonies, after which they can partake in food, fun and games. `


  • Liturgical Dance – This is our Praise Dance Team. These young girls are over 7 years of age, who learn to praise God in dance. The Angel Dancers are little girls ages 3-7. Presently headed by Sis. Julie Powe.
  • Mimes
  • Signing ministries
  • Youth Chorale / Angel Choir - This youth choir is comprised of youth ages 3-21. They sing every 2 Sunday at 2nd Service, except for those months where there is a fifth Sunday, when they sing both services. Aretha Bohanon, Pamela Rambo, Vineta Mitchell and Helen Longmire are adult leaders. The Youth Department provides breakfast on 5th Sunday when there are two services.
  • Puppet Ministry - The puppeteers perform in children’s Church by acting out life lessons from the biblical lessons as another way to help the children apply lessons to their own life. Puppeteers. It is trained and lead by Min. Jacqueline Albert. They attended the Puppetry convention and won the people’s choice award for their performance. The ministry has also hosted a Puppetry conference at New Hope. Ministry is not currently active.


  • Nursery - Nursery accepts babies from infancy through two years old. Nursery is run by Sis. Cynthia Byrd.
  • Girls Growing Godly - This group comprised of 7th and 8th grade girls. The program runs from January through April, culminating with a Presentation Dinner in April. The presentation consists of dinner, and Daddy/Daughter Dance, and if there are 8th graders in the program there is a crossing over to Junior Christian Debs ceremony which includes a foot washing ceremony. Chairperson is Sis. Annie Davis, mentors are Sisters Angela Lipscomb and Vineta Mitchell.
  • Junior Debutantes - This group comprised of 9th and 10 grade girls. The program begins in January and runs through April, with the girls participating in participating in the Christian Deb Spiritual Gifts Showcase and acting as hostesses for the Presentation Dinner in May. The Chairperson is Sis. Cynthia Parker with mentors.
  • Christian DebutantesGirls participate in this program when they are in either the 11th or 12th grade. The program participants meet generally every Saturday. There are 3-4 mentors who assist with the program, which runs from January through May, culminating with a Presentation Dinner in May. The Chairperson is Tenia Russ, Co-Chairperson Sylvia Brown.
  • Boys to Men Warriors and soldiers - The participants are boys aged 9 through 18. The program runs from January through May when a Presentation Dinner is held. This program is chaired by Bro. Felton Lynn, assisted by Bro. Darren Lamb.
  • Junior Usher Board - This ministry is comprised of children ages 5-18 years. They rehearse at 12 noon on the Saturday before the 4th Sunday.
  • Junior Deacons
  • Steward Program – Youth from the ages of 15 and up are trained to help in Children’s Church. They must complete training to be able to assist as a Youth Steward.


  • New Hope Black College tour - Annual chaperoned trip to 10-14 Historically Black Colleges and Universities, done over the Easter break, coinciding with schools Spring Break, and open to the community. Presently Deacon Roger Rodgers is the Tour Guide. Rev. Diane McGhee obtains hotels and approves Itinerary. Sis. Dorothy Lamb schedules the school tours and arranges for lunches on campus. Sis. Annie Davis manages registration, payments, mailings, and shops for Parent Meeting snacks. She develops rooming schedules and communicates requirements to hotels. Chaperones are NHMBC members who volunteer their time for this event. Profits from this event fund all of the Youth Department events for which there is no profit made.
  • College bound – The Youth Department sends gift cards to students away at college once per semester. It is the responsibility of the students to supply their current address. Sis. Dorothy Lamb leads this.
  • College Fair - An annual college fair that includes panel of experts discussing testing, grades, application process etc. as well as, numerous college representatives Typically held the third Saturday in November, this event is organized by Helen Longmire, Dona Davis, and LaCarla Evans and is open to the public. Representatives from participating colleges and universities are contacted. Workshops, workshop facilitators, and keynote speaker are chosen.
  • Tutoring Program – Tutoring in math and science is offered on Tuesday evenings from 6-8. Currently conducted by Bro. Anthony Rencher.
  • SAT/ACT Testing Classes - Formal classes are provided to assist our young people in preparing to take these national tests that are pre-requisite to acceptance into college.

Other Activities

  • Black Heritage Dinner – This event is organized by the Youth Department and is held during Black History Month on the 4th Sunday in February following second service. A Poster Board is displayed in the church lobby containing a sheet for each geographical area/state for people to sign up to bring a dish. Saturday prior, the church’s Dotson Fellowship Hall set-up is done, with signs posted for the area/state. One month prior to dinner, a bulletin announcement is placed regarding the Heritage Contest for youth participants. Contest can be for art pictures, videos, papers, etc. Black history presentation at morning service each Sunday of Black History Month by youth and adults. The congregation were encouraged to dress like their forefathers dressed and bring a dish popular from the state in which they were born. There is a contest between the regions where the best set out region gets their name on the plaque that sits outside the Dotson Fellowship Hall.
  • Capuchin Soup Kitchen Community Service – Youth are transported by church bus to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen on the 1st Saturday in December for fellowship with community. There, articles, such as hats, gloves, scarves and socks from the warming tree set up in the vestibule of the church are given. Snacks are also taken and distributed to the homeless. The Youth Chorale sings, and Liturgical dancers perform. Intercessory Prayers and/or Evangelists have gone with us on prior occasions.
  • Cedar Point trip - Usually scheduled for 2nd Saturday in August the youth go to Cedar point for the day and are provided buses, food, and beverages.
  • Christmas Caroling – At local Nursing Homes and to sick and shut-in church members at their homes.
  • Express Yourself (For Teen Girls) - A relaxed panel discussion with teen girls to permit them to ask any questions they may have of mature Christian women. This event is held for girls aged 13 to 18. Girls bring pillows and get comfortable in the Youth Room. Spirit filled mentoring women of the church attend and answer questions asked by the girls. The girls submit questions written on paper so they remain anonymous and feel free to ask anything. No one other than the mentors and the girls are allowed in the room.
  • Family Fun Night – An evening of fun for all ages held at the YMCA, including swimming, basketball, hustle lessons, Paw Patrol, games, crafts, food and beverages. Generally held at the Royal Oak YMCA, 1016 11 mile rd., east of Woodward. Admission cost is required of attendees.
  • Flower Day -This is a Sunday where the youth provide flowers to members of the congregation who want to bless someone special by giving them a flower during the service. Referred to as Flower Day, Give Me My Flowers is an event scheduled in September or October. Roses are sold before and after each service. During each service a time is set aside for purchasers to exchange the flowers.
  • Harvest Fest – A Saturday in the summer where New Hope has a small carnival set up in the parking lot and is open to the public. Last done in 2018. Usually happens every other year, alternating with Youth Retreat.
  • High School Graduate Luncheon - Graduates are honored on Sunday, usually 3rd Sunday of May, with a dinner or light refreshments in DFH. Scholarships are awarded to students who have been active in a ministry for two years. Those who are youth stewards also will receive an additional award amount. Sunday School gives an award amount to those who have also been active in Sunday School. Honorees are also presented with a gift. In past it has been a back pack, inspirational book, etc. A display is put in the church lobby of all graduates’ pictures and they were recognized during church service.
  • Graduates Cap Day – 2nd Sunday in June is Cap Day when all graduates wear their cap to church.
  • Lock In - Once a year the children and youth have an evening of fun, games, movies and food, and at midnight, the doors are locked and the youth have a sleep over. Sometimes Youth Watch Night is chosen for Lock-In as well as any other date. Any child can attend. If child is not spending the night at NHMBC, must leave at 11:00 pm. Doors are locked at 11:00 pm and there is no entrance or exit at that point. There is a cost to attend the Lock-In whether from 6-11 or overnight. The Dotson Fellowship Hall is set-up with bouncers, Jousts, craft tables. Other Rooms are used as well. We get security and assistance for entire night from the Mountain Moving Men ministry in addition to regular volunteers.
  • Movie Night - Youth Department sponsors a Friday movie night. In 2019, it is planned for October, 25th. An appropriate movie for young and older students is choosen. If they are shown separate movies, the young people view the movie in the Youth Room, and older people view movie in the Dotson Fellowship Hall. Snacks are provided.
  • Outstanding Scholars – Twice a year students on the honor roll are recognized on Sunday and rewarded with a monetary gift.
  • Pastor’s Anniversary Youth Day Celebration - This event is held on the Friday prior to the Sunday of Pastor’s Anniversary, which is the 3rd Sunday in March. Various venues are held for this celebration, e.g. have all youth groups perform in the Sanctuary then retire to church’s Dotson Fellowship Hall for refreshments. During previous celebrations we have held a formal dinner at Detroit Yacht Club with contracted entertainment; held semi-formal dinner in DFH with contracted entertainment; provided Pastor and First Lady with a Spa Day transported via limousine. Pastor and First Lady are presented with separate checks and traditionally give Pastor a child’s toy wagon-full of candy.
  • Roundtable - An open honest discussion with Pastor Roberson and the teenage boys.
  • Annual skating party - Usually scheduled offsite for the 4th Saturday in February but can be held any open dates during the year. Venue most often used is Skate World of Troy, 2825 E. Maple Rd., Troy, MI 48083. Obtain reservation no later than beginning of January because venue supplies tickets to be sold prior to event date.
  • Youth Retreat – Every other year the youth are taken on a spiritual retreat to such places as Wheels in Canada, Camp grounds, and Kalahari, where there are spiritual classes and opportunity for fun.
  • Birthday Party for Jesus – It is one of the ways Children’s church celebrates Christmas in December of each year. The children bring toiletries to give to the homeless. This event is held every year on the 3rd Sunday of December. The Youth Department’s Children’s Church and Sunday School celebrate the birth of Jesus. The church’s Dotson Fellowship Hall is set-up with bouncers, tables for face painting and crafts, and food and beverages. The event begins immediately following Sunday School at 10:30am and is over at 1:00pm.
  • - A Sunday morning in the Summer where domestic and exotic animals are brought in as a petting zoo, fruits and vegetables are set out, and the Bible lesson from the creation is presented. We contract for a mobile Planetarium from Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, the domestic mobile petting zoo is by Carousel Acres, and the exotic animals come from Wildlife Safari. This is usually held the 3rd Sunday in September. Open to the public, and no entrance fee is required.


Youth Department Leadership Team
  • Minister Jacqueline Albert
  • Cynthia Parker
  • Aretha Bohanon
  • Sylvia Brown
Department Staff-Volunteers
  • Austen Albert
  • Tony Brown
  • Robbin Cooper
  • Annie Davis
  • Dona Davis
  • Cheryl Dunn
  • Monica Eason
  • LaCarla Evans
  • Deacon Armando Huffman
  • Dr. Joy Inyang
  • Rodney Kemp
  • Dorothy Lamb
  • Angela Lipscomb
  • Helen Longmire
  • Felton Lynn
  • Marcia Mathis
  • Vineta Mitchell
  • Gigi Moore
  • Pamela Rambo
  • Anthony Rencher
  • Marcia Rodgers
  • Roger Rodgers
  • Tenia Russ
  • Maketia Sherman
  • Kendall Taylor
  • Lisa Walker
  • Dorothy Williams
  • Stephanie Williams