New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Church History

The Old Church and New Church



New Hope Missionary Baptist Church was organized on December 29, 1982 under the direction of Deacon Benjamin Dotson. There were twenty original founding members: Mother Gladys Harrington, Mother Josie Sultry, Mother Geraldine Hinson, Mother Flora Hill, Mother Annie Mays, Mother Annie Grant, Mother Georgia Carmichael, Clara Foshee, Deborah Ross, Edward Edwards, Rufus and Pauline Dorn, Sarah Dotson, Clyde Dotson, Steve and Vivian Dotson, Deacon George and Mary Huddleston, Deacon Ben and Betty Dotson and their families.


Founding members that are deceased: Deacon Ben Dotson, Mother Josie Sultry, Mother Gladys Harrington, Mother Flora Hill, Mother Annie Mays, Mother Annie Grant, Mother Georgia Carmichael, Deborah Ross and Edward Edwards.


Betty Dotson named the church New Hope because it represented a new beginning and there was great hope for the church. These members worked faithfully without a pastor. Deacon Dotson and Deacon Huddleston sought help from Dr. James Moss of Springhill Baptist Church.


The Lord sent Rev. Julius C. Eason to Pastor New Hope on February 13, 1983. The Holy Spirit continued to bring us together in love and understanding and the church began to grow. The Lord blessed us with a new Sanctuary, fellowship hall and parking lot, under the direction of Pastor Eason who served until March 1991.


The Lord sent Rev. David L. Roberson to Pastor New Hope in February,1992. his wife Catherine, and two children, Crystal and Justice also joined the New Hope family. Rev. Roberson came with a vision and a seven point plan for New Hope. With the Blessings of God, Deacons, Trustee Board and dutiful members, his vision has been unfolding. The church soon found it necessary to add a 7:45 a.m. Sunday Worship Service.


On February 14, 1993, the lower auditorium was named the Dotson Fellowship hall in honor of Deacon Ben and Deaconess Betty Dotson as founding members of the church.


In 1994, the church began acquiring additional properties, and in 1995, God not only blessed us with more properties, but he also blessed us with the financial ability to pay off ALL OUR DEBTS. October 15, 1995 the New Hope family celebrated the burning of our church mortgage.


Under the leadership of Pastor Roberson, the church membership has grown to an excess of 1800 members. In addition, approximately forty-five new ministries have been added. There are many workers in the vineyard willing and ready to minister “God’s Word.”


May 17, 2002, we gave honor to God for a “New Church Building with a New Sanctuary” that will accommodate approximately twelve hundred (1200) members and friends. New Hope members know that none of this would be possible without the blessings from God. “And Jesus looking upon them saith, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10:27) The History of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church would not be complete without thanking God for the leadership of a committed Pastor, Deacon Board, Trustee Board and most of all, YOU—The dedicated members!