New Hope's Emergency Team would like to remind you that the laminated signs on the back of the pews are intended to provide instruction in case of a church evacuation. We urge you to take the time to review them and note the direction you would be expected to move in case of an emergency. Finally, in spite of how tempting it may be, try not to accidently remove them or use them as fans.


Life affords us several places where we can glean inspiration; if our eyes are open, our hearts are ready and our ears are attentive we can see the unseen and hear the unheard. Such an occasion happened when I observed a scene on the movie American Gangster starring Denzel Washington who enacted the role of Frank Lucas. During one of the scenes Lucas was chastising his brother for the gaudy clothing he was wearing, and he told him “The Loudest one in the room is the weakest one in the room” Lucas’s point was those who draw attention to themselves have something insufficient about their esteem. The one liner from Frank Lucas is certainly true but if we turn the prism of that phrase toward the expression of praise and worship that doesn’t hold up theologically. David lets us know throughout the Psalms and especially in Psalm 100, that when we praise God, we should do it unrestricted and unreserved because there is definitely power in our praise. It is so powerful that David puts it as an imperative. He commands his listeners, while also instructing us contemporarily to make a joyful noise unto the Lord! This doesn’t suggest those who are demonstrative in their actions in the worship setting are better worshipers than those whose personalities are led to the depths of worship through Selah moments. But David challenges us to celebrate God with a sense of freedom; a sense of liberty; and a sense of emancipation. Enjoying the company of God and experiencing the Koinonia (fellowship) with other like-minded people who have a riveting relationship with God just like we do. Our praise is important to the community of faith for three reasons…it Blesses our God



The Deacon Board is scheduling a meet and greet for New Members on Saturday March 11, 2023. We have asked all ministries and auxiliary leaders to bring information about their ministries to the event. We are blessed with an abundance of new members to our church family, and we want to be confident that the process goes smoothly. Ministry leaders will be given additional information during the next few weeks about this event.


Our Deacons, spearheaded by Deacon Bonnie Davison, Donated $5000.00 (from the benevolent fund) to the Historic Tabernacle Baptist Church in Selma Alabama to aid the Tornado Survivors to help with their hurricane relief efforts.


The Deacons are working to address the spiritual needs of the church, as we work with the director of the music ministry to bring back the choirs very soon. The emotional power of music, rightly employed, is a vital and moving aid to worship. Apostle Paul vows, “I will sing with the spirit, and will sing with the mind also” (1 Cor. 14:14-15, RSV).


We are working to assist and support the Pastor with his needs


As we continue to start this new year, we continue the needed work in God’s house. For He has blessed us in so many ways that we must continue to give Him the thanks, the honor, and the praise.


Saturday, 1st, Providing Hope Food Pantry: 10a-12p
Wednesday, 5th, Bible Study: 12 noon (In-person) / 7pm (Virtual)
Friday, 7th, Good Friday Service: 12 noon
Saturday, 8th, Singles of Hope: Bowling Event
Sunday, 9th, Sunday School Easter Program: 9:30 am
Wednesday, 12th, Bible Study: 12 noon (In-person) / 7pm (Virtual)
Saturday, 15th

Wednesday, 19th, Bible Study: 12 noon (In-person) / 7pm (Virtual)
Saturday 22nd, Quarterly Church Mtg.: 6 pm
Wednesday 26th, Bible Study: 12 noon (In-person) / 7pm (Virtual)
Saturday, 29th, Stop the Bleed Sunday, 30th, Pastor’s Installation Service.


New Hope’s Email Blast App

The use of Constant Contact is limited to New Hope Leadership and New Hope Administrative Staff Members. Constant Contact is used for informational emails and sign-up forms from leadership to the members of New Hope. Questions, corrections and concerns about the in-formation received from Constant Contact should be directed to the Admin Office. If you are not receiving Constant Contact information call the Admin Office 248 353-0675. NOTE: If you unsubscribed from Constant Contact you will not receive official business communication from the church.


Please join us as we serve the bereaved families of the New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

Our Mission: To demonstrate the love of God by providing support and encouragement to persons who have suffered the loss of a family member. To facilitate church communication, coordination, and services to meet the needs of the bereaved family.

Primary Duty: To serve and comfort the bereaved families during the repass meal.

For More Information, please contact the Bereavement Ministry President; Pamela Hopkins at: 248-354-3788

“…So that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God”
2Corinthians 41: 3-4 NIV


We are excited to welcome our new Pastor-Elect Dr. Aaron Chapman, his wife First Lady Valarie Kay Chapman, and their children Aaron Christian and Destiny Kay. The congregation has been eagerly awaiting their arrival and are prepared to do all we can to help them comfortably settle into life at New Hope and in the community. Dr. Chapman has blessed us over the last few weeks with his dynamic preaching and teaching...for that we are thankful to God.

New Hope’s mission is "To provide spiritual and practical teaching, preaching, and disciple training for the perfecting ofthe members of NHMBC so they can do the work of the ministry.” We believe that Dr. Chapman will help us achieve our mission. We realize that doing the work of ministry is not the work of the pastor alone. We are excited about being further trained and equipped to continue building and advancing the kingdom of God. We look forward to growing and spiritually maturing with our new Pastor in the next phase of the New Hope mission to the Glory of God!

As he “takes us to new heights”, let us pledge to support our pastor and his family in all ways possible; to pray for them, to be a blessing to them, and to continually lift them up.

March is National Kidney Month

March is National Kidney Month! Did you know kidney disease is often referred to as a “silent disease,” because there are usually no symptoms during its early stages? In fact, as many as 90% of Americans who have chronic kidney disease (CKD) don’t know they have the disease until it is very advanced.

The good news is the earlier you find out you have kidney disease, the sooner you can take steps to protect your kidneys from further damage

What can I do to keep my kidneys healthy?

You can protect your kidneys by preventing or managing health conditions that cause kidney damage, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

During your next medical visit, you may want to ask your health care provider about your kidney health. Early kidney disease may not have any symptoms, so getting tested may be the only way to know your kidneys are healthy.

See a provider right away if you develop a urinary tract infection (UTI), which can cause kidney damage if left untreated.

What are the first warning signs of kidney failure?

Many people experience few or no symptoms in the early stages of kidney disease. If your kidneys aren’t working properly, you may notice one or more of the following signs:


  • are most affected by kidney disease?
  • with kidney disease black people are more likely to develop kidney failure than any other group?
  • are 3X more likely to develop kidney failure than White Americans?
  • are 13% of the US population yet Black people account for 35% of Americans with kidney failure?


~Submitted by Health and Healing Ministry




A priest and a pastor are standing by the side of a road holding up a sign that reads “The end is near! Turn around now before it’s too late!” A passing driver yells, “You guys are nuts!” and speeds past them. From around the curve, they hear screeching tires—then a big splash. The priest turns to the pastor and says, “Do you think we should just put up a sign that says ‘Bridge Out’ instead?